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Hot Rod Creative, LLC was founded in September of 2011 by Danny Tubbs.
Danny has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. He worked at Universal Studios on the creative team that directed home entertainment creative for such great titles as Shrek ll, Madagascar, Shark Tale and more. Danny also served as Executive Director of Creative Services at Genius Products (owned by the Weinstein Company) and Vivendi Entertainment.

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Katherine (Kat) Burns started working for Hot Rod Creative as a copywriter/editor in August of 2012. She writes and edits copy for movie and DVD packaging, working in-house with the Hot Rod Creative team. She worked in medical publishing for over 30 years but now owns her business, "Copy by Kat." A life-long love affair with movies makes this a purr-fect fit for Kat!
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Danny's son Noah joined Hot Rod Creative in April 2013. Noah is a graduate of Perry Technical Institute and has almost a decade of creative working experience in the entertainment industry.
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Together we are the engine and flames that power the Hot Rod Creative team.

Hot Rod Creative clients include: